Physicians’ Extended Reporting Period (ERP) Coverage for the changing healthcare environment.

Hospitals continue to acquire physician groups, creating a significant demand for extended reporting period (or "tail") coverage. Designed to be flexible, this ground-breaking standalone product provides a variety of options including choices of duration, limits, deductibles and individual or group coverage. Additionally, the product can be specifically tailored based on a physician’s area of practice or expertise. With insight to understand this growing risk, we provide the industry expertise to craft solutions that fit policyholders' needs and exposures.

  • Broad coverage with fresh set of limits
  • Defense outside the limits of liability as part of the base policy form
  • Punitive damages coverage — most favorable venue affirmation where permitted by law
  • First dollar coverage available
  • Flexibility with coverage structure
  • Flexible deductible options
  • Specialized claims handling
  • Consent to settle with named insured
  • Policy term options available for increased flexibility (e.g., three or five years) when unlimited term is not necessary
In Addition:

This product for physicians includes

  • Stand-alone policy
  • Competitive pricing reflective of claims history
  • Policy term options available for increased flexibility
  • Coverage available in most states
  • Primary limits only
  • Limits available up to $2/$6 million
  • Limits can be the same or lower than expiring policy
  • Separate limits for the entity available
  • Individual physicians
  • Physician groups
  • Hospital-acquired physician groups
  • Most physician classes

No one looks forward to being involved in a claim. However, we strive to be as prepared as possible should a claim occur. Our claims services include:

  • Experienced teams of in-house claims professionals which include clinicians, lawyers, investigators and IT experts that are dedicated to each account
  • A strong network of national reputable outside counsel
  • A natural tenacity to fight for policyholders’ reputations
  • The ability to settle appropriately, but with policyholders’ best interests in mind, treating an insured’s money as if it was our own