Hospital Professional Liability and its most critical component.

Hospitals face complex and unique challenges including mergers and consolidations, acquisition of physician groups, pressure to lower readmission rates and patient safety. Our experienced underwriting team understands that each risk is unique and provides flexible solutions to ensure critical issues are addressed. With an end-to-end approach highlighted by our risk management and claims teams, we address the needs of hospital and other complex risk clients.

Our appetite focus:

Hospitals of all types and sizes

  • Broad definition of claim and incident trigger
  • Defense outside the limits of coverage as part of the primary policy form
  • Punitive damages coverage - most favorable venue affirmation where permitted by law
  • 60 days of automatic coverage for newly acquired or created entities
  • Affirmative vicarious liability coverage under professional liability for medical services by non-insured practitioners
  • Child abduction coverage by endorsement
  • Broad definition of insured to include employed physicians, volunteers, students, locum tenens, and interpreters used in connection with the provision of medical services
  • Advertising coverage that includes certain internet and electronic communications
  • Flexible deductible/retention options
  • Flexibility with coverage structure and coverage grants
  • Evacuation expense reimbursement – for unplanned evacuation of patients
  • Legal/media expense reimbursement – extends to all insureds
  • Limited breach of confidentiality coverage under professional liability with respect to the inadvertent publication of personally identifiable health information or utterance of other confidential health care medical information while providing medical services
In Addition:

Our program for hospitals includes

  • Full complement of coverages and services for small and mid-sized hospitals
  • Capacity excess and captive reinsurance for large self-insured institutions
  • Nontraditional structures such as:
  • Stretched aggregates
  • Loss-sensitive placements
  • Manuscript policy forms
  • Physician programs – freestanding groups or groups tied to hospitals and stand-alone ERP “tail”
  • Standard limits of $1/$3 million
  • Separate towers for professional liability, general liability and employee benefit liability
  • $25 million in capacity
  • Excess policy with umbrella liability coverage available
  • Ability to write one or two towers of limits
  • Facultative reinsurance capability on excess placements
  • London line slip capability on excess placements

Hospitals of all types and sizes

We offer tailored risk management services, including clinical in-house risk managers, who can assist in the review of policyholders' specific needs. Services for qualified accounts can include:

  • Consulting time by telephone, fax, email or on-site
  • Free participation webinars focused on policyholder needs
  • A monthly risk management e-newsletter
  • On-site risk assessments and education services
  • Online CME credits for physician groups

No one looks forward to being involved in a claim. However, we strive to be as prepared as possible should a claim occur. Our claims services include:

  • Experienced teams of in-house claims professionals which include clinicians, lawyers, investigators and IT experts that are dedicated to each account
  • A strong network of national reputable outside counsel
  • A natural tenacity to fight for policyholders’ reputations
  • The ability to settle appropriately, but with policyholders’ best interests in mind, treating an insured’s money as if it was our own